That Hair

Lyn has had long hair most of her life.

There was a period of time when we were little that Mom had it cut into a pixie but Lyn prefers her hair long.  At its longest, it was long enough for her to sit on it.  Her hair is thick, straight and heavy.

I prefer my hair short, nearly shaved.  My hair is thin, curly and fine.  Long hair just does not work for me.  I got my hair cut this week to a super short level that I've not had in a long time.  Lyn lectured me about growing it out.  She showed me her pony tail and told me I should just be like her.  She rejected my explanation that I prefer my hair short.  It was not an acceptable response but she really couldn't argue the point too much so she scowled at me.

When I saw a picture Mom posted earlier this week of Lyn's hair, I had to laugh at the mane that erupted from her hair scrunchy when she took it off and ran her fingers through her hair.  Lyn thought the picture was funny too.

I'm glad she likes her hair.  She told me yesterday that she doesn't want to cut it.


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