Back at the Keyboard

Well, the best intentions...

I returned to VA on Monday and was exhausted.  Thus, there was no blog post yesterday.  Heck, if it wasn't for take out, my family would have had cold cereal for dinner.  That being said, I'm so very glad I went.

Now, back to the blog.

Lyn's in a difficult state.  Sleep patterns are changing again. She's making it so Mom gets little sleep unless Mom goes to bed when the sun sets.

On Sunday, Lyn was out of sorts.  Mom had told her that they would not be going anywhere.  Mom wanted to be home so I could Skype on my phone and allow them to see my Uncle.  Lyn was mad and took a passive aggressive approach.  Mom offered to cook bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Lyn likes bacon but indicated she wanted only one slice and one scrambled egg.  When Mom asked if Lyn really didn't want breakfast, Lyn confirmed and stomped off to her room.  Mom muttered "I bet if we went out, you'd eat a full breakfast."  Lyn came flying in from her room.  "Where are we going to eat?"  Clearly, her deafness is selective.

Because of the challenges around selecting food, Mom is no longer asking Lyn what she wants for dinner.  Mom is just fixing the meal.  Lyn isn't always happy about it, but she's eating.  The issue here is that Lyn doesn't know what she wants.  She genuinely doesn't.  She also often decides that what is being offered isn't want she really wants and expresses disapproval.  The constant criticism wears on Mom even though Mom knows Lyn isn't doing it intentionally or trying to be mean.  It is a side-effect of living in Alzheimer's world.


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