Lyn's been very worried about me this past week.  I was sick over the weekend when I wrote the posts which went up on Monday and Tuesday.  I was pretty sure it was bronchitis (it was) and committed to seeing my doctor on Monday.  By Monday night I was substantially worse and ended up being diagnosed with pneumonia as well.  By then end of the week, I had also developed laryngitis.

I am recuperating and each day brings some improvement.  I've done daily "I'm not dead yet" check ins so that Lyn would know I was ok.  She's sent me a mug and has told me to check the mail because she's sent another package as well.  I anticipate a handmade get well card.

Lyn and I were able to keep our weekly Skype conversation this week.  I can't really talk because of the lack of voice and the attempt brings on the coughing but my talking isn't the point of Skyping with her even on a good day.  She could see me and that's what was important to her.  

She gave me lots of instructions I'm to follow.  If I ever doubt my doctors, I should just ask my sister what I should do.  According to her, I'm to take lots of hot showers, sleep, drink lots of water but not alcohol and take many different medicines.  I think she's leaving that last point for my doctors to decide what I have to take.  I can't argue with the advice given and tried to assure her that I was, indeed, following orders.  

I don't like to cause her worry but she always worries when I'm sick, even if it is a small illness.  This time wasn't a small illness and I understand and appreciate her concern.  It is driven by love.  


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