Intermittent Outages

Blogging may be spotty this week and next.

My Aunt in Tennessee passed on Friday.  Lyn has been told.  There was a lot of tears that afternoon.  On Saturday and Sunday, she was angry and disagreeable about nearly everything.  She didn't know why she was out of sorts.

Mom and Lyn will not be traveling again.  Lyn is was really set back by the last trip.  Her language skills have declined in the last two months pretty significantly.  Her shadowing and agitation have increased as well.

While they can't travel, my employer has a bereavement policy which can be described as humane.  I hate to call it generous (it is) because letting people have a reasonable amount of time to tend to family matters will allow them to be better employees.  At the end of the week, I'll head to my uncle's to spend a couple of days with him.  I will be back early next week.

Between the trip and my team's project going to release at the office this week, I'm distracted at the moment.



    Interesting article on possible environmental factors in the risk for dementia.


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