A Waste of Dirt

There are times we can't help but giggle.

Lyn was on a tear on Sunday during our Skype call.

She told Mom that Mom's not allowed to flirt and that she must take her purse with her to get orange juice at the grocery.  Lyn refused to watch Mom's purse in the future and offered to go get the orange juice herself so that Mom won't be tempted to flirt.  Lyn insists she's beyond flirting and thinks that Mom's just a flirt waiting to happen.

At one point in the conversation, I had offered to help Mom research a topic.  Mom declined, indicating she had the information she needed.  Lyn then told Mom that the deacon at church had "said we have to help each other."  Lyn didn't care that he was speaking about a particular fundraising activity for the parish.  Lyn wanted me to research on Mom's behalf.

She wrapped up by telling me that the construction around the city is just "a waste of dirt!"

Mom and I spent more time covering our mouths to keep Lyn from seeing us giggling than talking.  Lyn no longer realizes that when we cover our mouths, we're hiding our grins poorly.


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