The Hard Hat Edition

My friend in Italy has been amused by the tales of Lyn and the shirtless firefighter calendar.  When I mentioned I had tried to find a picture from an Italian calendar to include in yesterday's post as proof that Italians do understand, she told me that "shirtless men are a national treasure" and sent me this picture from a 2013 calendar as proof.

Mom and I decided a Skype call was necessary so I could document Lyn's reaction.

We connected and Lyn told me about the day's activities before I encouraged Mom to look at the picture send by my friend in Italy.  Lyn is calm and happy at this point.

Mom accesses the picture of the nearly nude man and Lyn gets a good look at it.

You can see the disapproval begin and it is swift.

Mom gets The Look with bonus over the glasses "I'm looking at you!" action.

That look right there was worth it all.  At this point, Mom and I are giggling like fools and I am not spared her wrath or chastising.

We were told to shut the picture down.  We were told it was wrong for him to not have his shirt or pants on.  When we pointed out that he has a hat, Lyn said "He NEEDS a hat!"  I asked Lyn if the man was handsome.  She stopped cold.  She didn't want to answer but eventually conceded that he was "cute but needs to be dressed."

She also told us that we've had our "share of that."  We're not entirely sure what she means but it was related to me being married.  Apparently, since I'm married I'm not supposed to even look at picture of a man with his shirt off.  As for Mom, Lyn has told her she's too old to be looking at such pictures.

Does this stop things?  Nope.

I just tell them about the man who I nearly physically bumped into while shopping this weekend and how he invited me out for coffee.  I declined, explaining that I'm married.  Lyn wanted to be angry with me over that but couldn't because I didn't go out on a date.  She says I have to only date my husband (agreed) and was miffed when I said "if he dies, I know I have options."

She has options too and declared that she's done with dating.


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