Steve Harvey Causes Trouble

Mom writes:

Well, Steve Harvey has done it again!!

I was watching him this afternoon.  It was his Valentine Show.  He was setting a woman up with a date.  The man had been there previously and was not picked.   So, he was brought back to have a date with a woman who lost 105lbs.  He came out shirtless.

Lyn was sitting at the computer when I said "wow".  Never on purpose would I say it.  Of course I was looking at her.  She looked over but whirled back to the computer so fast I thought she'd twist her neck.  No comment.

A few min later he brought out 4 men with gifts for everyone in the audience.  Of course these guys were also shirtless.  I made a comment about the roses one was holding.  Yes, she looked and muttered "unappropriated" again.  I asked if she thought the roses were pretty and if the guys were cute.  I know she muttered something but I couldn't hear because I was laughing out loud.

I told her that she was funny.  "Yes but they need shirts because we don't need to see that."  By the time I quit laughing she had stormed out of the room and back to her room.

I asked if she was ok. "Yes, but I don't think we should see all that."  Mad again because I was laughing again.  Poor kid, I couldn't help it.


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