Totally Worth It

This fireman calendar is getting more mileage than we ever anticipated.

Mom picked up a second calendar which she's sending to me so I can forward it to my friend in Italy. Lyn is not pleased.  Lyn is convinced my friend in Italy won't like it because "they don't do things like this."  I'm not sure that's the case but we'll let Lyn believe what she wants.

On Sunday, the firefighters were to be at the auto show selling their calendars.  Mom offered to take Lyn so they could get the calendars autographed.  The Look was out in full force.  Lyn was disgusted that Mom would even suggest such an activity.

Lyn tells us it is not appropriate to laugh about the men being without shirts.  She's very serious and we should take the situation as seriously as she presents it to us.

That is never going to happen.


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