Waiting is Hard

Lyn was supposed to go to day hab on Monday.  Mom knew they needed to be home in time for the inspection.  The inspectors had told them they would arrive "sometime after 1pm."  Mom told Lyn she could pick her up from day hab at 12:30 and they would be home in plenty of time.  It made no sense.  Lyn couldn't understand the schedule change no matter how she thought about it.

Lyn decided she would not go to day hab.  She opted to stay home.

The day be came infinity long and challenging as a result.

Lyn played a few games with Mom.  She paced.  She cleared off her dresser and decided to get rid of her jewelry box and its contents.  As the afternoon wore on, she became more confused and lost.

She can't cope with schedule changes even when they are her idea.


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