Painting Up A Storm

Lyn's Community Access care provider has introduced her to painting and Lyn LOVES it.  She's been exposed to crafts for most of her life but I don't recall if she's ever really painted before.  I know she actively avoided it when our grandparents wanted us to scrape and repaint their white picket fence every few years, but that's different.

Together, Lyn and her care provider decide upon the subject of the painting.  Her care provider will look it up online and then roughly sketches out the shape on the canvas.  Lyn takes over at that point. She selects and mixes all of her colors.  She chooses what tools she will use and she then starts painting.  She might work on a painting over the course of a couple of weeks.  You can really tell the difference between when she puts in a few hours and when she dashes one off.

She's also started selling the paintings and is very proud of herself.  Here are a few of her recent works.

You can see how happy this activity makes her.  (You can also see how much weight she's lost.)

Mom has the sunset.  

This is the Sanctuary de Chimayo.

This sunset is over the Three Sisters volcanos which are to the West of Albuquerque.  This painting is en route to me.

Mom says the shading on the water was excellent.  Lyn hated painting the water and has declared she's never painting water again.

These two are her most recent works.  Mom bought the tree as we had our Skype conversation.  The paint was still wet when Lyn came home.  The flower was already promised to someone else.  Actually, all of her paintings to date have been claimed.  

Considering she's new to the art and has an intellectual disability and Alzheimer's, she's pretty impressive.  She's always had an eye for color.  


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