A Sister's Love

Imagine being 34 and knowing that you've probably lived the majority of your life.  Imagine knowing you have a genetic mutation for familial early on-set Alzheimer's and that you'll have 100% chance of getting the disease and a zero chance of surviving it.

The McIntyre sisters are facing this.  One has the mutation and the other does not.  They have already lost their mother to the disease and know what they're facing.  They've already started planning for it and know they will have to deal with one outliving the other.

In reading the above linked article, I have to commend them for their realistic approach to the disease and what they're facing.  One sister has committed to caring for the other.


  1. What a heartbreaking story. I have a friend whose mother died of ALS but she won't have the test because she wants to live her life without fear. I would do the same in that situation. I think, who really knows what they would do. There was no mention of faith in their story. I could not even face my day without the Lord in it, I don't know how I'd face a tragedy. I have a child (adult/child) with developmental disabilities. She's 46 but mentally about 4. I'm 68 & have to get a babysitter even to go to the grocery store, or my husband, but I couldn't do it without my faith. I have that confidence. This would be tough. I have one relative who died from Alzheimer's and it scares me to a degree. Bless their hearts, such love & devotion. I admire them. I feel for their dad. Wow! I know you'd do the same for Lyn if it weren't for your amazing mom. Thanks for sharing. Makes my ordinary life problems seem trivial.


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