Fingers Crossed

Recent news has been reporting that a combination of Trazodone and DBM , anti-depressant and an anti-cancer drugs respectively, have been found to halt neurodegenerative diseases in mice and worms.  This is an amazing discovery because a disease damaging the brain has never been stopped before.

This combination didn't reverse the effects of the disease; just stopped it from getting worse and reduced the amount of brain shrinkage found in the treated animals.

The scientists at the British Medical Research Council tested 1040 compounds before these two used in combination were settled upon.  They tested them in mice which were genetically modified to have prion disease and a form of frontotemporal dementia.

Trazodone is well known in the medical community and it's safety for humans is already well studied.  As a result, the scientists are moving forward with studying this combination in humans.  Their hope is to at least slow the progression of at least one neurodegenerative disease.  

Fingers are crossed.


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