So, apparently, at least according to the book of faces, yesterday was Siblings Day here in the US.  These smaller holidays always trip me up.  They sneak up on me and I'm left wondering what kind of person needs to declare their love of their siblings on a specific day?  You've got so many chances through out the year to punch them in the arm and say "I love you, you big lunk."

Yeah... That wouldn't go well with Lyn.  She wouldn't know how to respond to even a gentle pop on the arm.  I suspect we'd have tears.

Should I have sent flowers?  That's a thought.  She might really enjoy a delivery of flowers that weren't intended for Mom.  I'll think on that.

As for recognizing my sister and declaring my lover for her, I think I've got that covered.  My regular calls with her are always ended with an "I love you" shared both ways.  Plus, I've been writing about my love for her for several years now.

She may be crabby and difficult most days due to the Alzheimer's, but she's my sister and I love her.


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