Who's Old?

Mom writes:

This morning I heard her elbow "creak" and I said that she must be getting old.

Lynn:  I'm not old.  I'm a young lady.
Mom:  Yes, you are a young lady.  I am old.
L:  No you aren't old.
M:  How old do you have to be for you to think someone is old?
L:  I don't know but if you look in the "old" dictionary you can find out.
M:  (bite lip so no laughter's heard)  I can google it.
L:  No, you have to use the "old" dictionary. 
M:  OK, but is 69 old?
L:  No, you have to be a lotta old.  You aren't lotta old.
M:  Thank you but I feel lotta old.
L:  Go look in that dictionary to find out.  I know where it is, do you want me to get it for you?
M:  No thank you.  I'll look it up later.
L:  OK, look it up when you are lotta old.

So, guess I'm better off than I thought.


  1. This is so adorable! I'm going to start hanging around with Lyn because then I won't be old!!! I love this blog & thank you for it.


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