Stigma and Social Media

Humans have been speaking, gesticulating and singing to and with each other for ages. While we've been writing and drawing for ages as well, the advent of social media has changed the tone of our communications.  Social media is a new comer to our methods of communication.  Our communications have become shorter and less nuanced.  It's often speedier and off-the-cuff.  We seem to value the instantaneous and un-edited thoughts.

While it can be great to get instant access to news and the thoughts of your friends and family, it can also be deleterious.  Comments are made without thought or care for how others perceive them.  There's an aggressive stance in believing you can say anything and another's feelings are their own problem with which to deal.  Anonymity allows people to feel free to be hateful without consequences.

This is having an impact on the Alzheimer's community and is already starting to increase the amount of stigma associated with Alzheimer's.

Mom's advice to "Think before you speak" still applies.


  1. Very true & another problem I have run across is that if you're texting something with a smile or laugh, the other person may read it with a frown or tears. Actual voices, remember those, convey what you're saying & how you're saying it. Written words can't always do that. I learned this the hard way with one of my daughters.


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