Reasons to be Proud

Yesterday, Lyn had a quarterly check up.  Her lab work are as perfect as a doctor could want for a patient.  Her weight has stabilized and she didn't lose more this quarter.  Her blood pressure is 114/68.    She's proud of all of that.

She took three of her paintings to show her physician.  Her doctor asked her to bring one in August that the physician can buy.  The subject doesn't matter.  Lyn's proud of that request too.

On the way to meet up with her Community Access care provider, Mom mused that she needed to figure out what to cook for dinner.  Lyn announced that she knew what she wanted and proceeded to request "A breakfast burrito with egg, ham, cheese and bacon."  Mom doesn't remember the last time Lyn knew what she wanted to eat without prompting.  Lyn stated, "I am proud dI could tell you what I want."

You know, Lyn gives a good perspective.  Sometimes, being proud of small things are great things of which to be proud.


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