Birthday Wishes

My birthday is later this week and it has been heavily in Lyn's mind.  She and Mom sent me a gift in the mail.  Mom made sure to send it out in enough time for the gift to arrive before my actual birthday.  Then the fun began.

Each day, Lyn has asked Mom if they should call to wish me a "Happy Birthday."  Mom has pointed out that there were a couple of days before it actually happens.  "But we sent her the gift!"  The demands to call me were increasing each day and Lyn was becoming more and more difficult to distract.  Each time I had called in the evening, Lyn was either already asleep or was out with her respite provider.  Mom took to reminding her that they would Skype with me on Sunday and she could tell me then because it would be in plenty of time.

Yesterday, when we Skyped, I thanked them for the lovely and very useful gift of a yarn bowl.  I held it up to the computer's camera to show Lyn that it came through the mail in perfect condition.  She was happy to be chatting with me and listened as I thanked her but was more intent on telling me that they went out to lunch.  It was only later, after the conversation ended, that I realized Lyn had not actually wished me a "Happy Birthday" and that's OK.

I love the fact that she had focused enough to want to wish me well.  She's my favorite sister.

I noticed that a user of Pinterest (pinner?) pinned Dementia Be Damned and a few new readers have dropped in for a look.  We welcome you and hope you stick around.


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