Picking Clothes

In Lyn's closet, she keeps at least three dozen shirts hanging at any time.  On Monday, when she was getting dressed, she called out to Mom asking for help.  She was lost and didn't know what to do to get dressed.  She didn't know if she should wear pants or shorts.  She didn't know what shirt to wear and it all made her sad.

Mom suggested shorts because the weather was to be a "hot heat" as Lyn would say.  It was to be 100 degrees but Lyn couldn't break past her refusal to wear shorts in public.  So, despite the heat, she settled on a pair of pants with Mom's help.  She couldn't make a choice on a shirt and just accepted the one Mom ended up pulling out for her.

This first happened a few weeks ago.  It was just one piece of clothing that day.  She struggled with her entire outfit this time.  The time is coming soon where Mom will have to lay out Lyn's outfit each day.  


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