Fresh and Hot

Mom and her neighbor took Lyn to lunch this weekend.    Lyn wanted fries with her sandwich.  She was feeling a bit brassy and asked her waiter to make sure the fries were "fresh and hot."  Mom pointed out that the restaurant always made their fries fresh and hot.  Lyn wouldn't really accept that and expanded that "was how I like them."

When the waiter brought the fries, Lyn immediately took one and bit into it before the waiter could turn around.  I am sure he was waiting for her to pronounce them acceptable.  She savored her bite and declared "they are just the way I like them."

Administrative note:  Blogging may be intermittent this week due to a renovation underway in my home.  We're hoping to have it wrapped up in a couple of days, but then we have to return the furniture to the rooms under work.


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