Still Sensitive

If you remember, Mom was recently able to convince Lyn to purchase a pair of shoes with velcro closures.  She picked out the black sneakers because black was more comfortable than white.  She was happy about the purchase and showed them to me during our Skype conversation that week.  She even wore them a couple of times.

I don't know if something was said to her.  It is entirely possible, after all.  However, Lyn has stopped wearing the velcro shoes.  She went back to wearing her sneakers with the laces.  She's still clever and still able to cover her short-comings by refusing to untie them at all.  She slips them on and slips them off.  This is, of course, wearing them out faster.

Mom and I have agreed that when she breaks these shoes down enough to be disposed of, we'll point out that she has a perfectly good pair of shoes and doesn't need to buy another pair with laces.  This may be a bit of a challenge, but we'll see how it goes.

I raise the issue of "something being said to her" because  one of the other participants at day hab has made some nasty comments about her appearance prompting her to want her legs shaved for when they go swimming.  I would not be surprised to learn the other client had also made a comment about her shoes.  I could be wrong and she may just still be sensitive to the thought of velcro closures as though it is admitting defeat.


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