Kicked in the Stomach

We've had more slippage in Lyn's skills.

This week, the employees at day hab informed Mom that Lyn now requires assistance identifying which water faucet is the hot and which is cold.  She also needs help turning the faucet on and off.  If only that were all.

Mom writes:  "On the way home this afternoon it was hot and sticky so I asked if she wanted to stop and get a cool drink.  I knew the answer for I pulled into Sonic.  The total was $1.64.  I asked if she had 4 pennies.  She said "yes" and grabbed her purse.  By the time I got to the window, I had 2 bills out.  She said "here, I don't know how to count" and handed me a bunch of pennies.  I took four and handed the remainder back to her.  She put them away, no big deal.  Don't know how to count???????  I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach.  It wasn't too long ago she offered "change" and properly counted the pennies before handing them to me."

We'll see what happens, but those skills may also be lost.  


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