Burritos for Breakfast

Yesterday, Lyn had to get some lab work done in the morning and she needed to be fasting.  Not a problem since she doesn't eat breakfast most days.

When they left the lab, Lyn announced that she was hungry and immediately asked if they could go across the street to eat at Sonic.  Mom agreed.  When she pulled up to the speaker box, she pointed out that they had french toast sticks.  Lyn likes french toast.

"No.  I want a burrito."

Mom had to work to keep from laughing.  Lyn ordered a burrito with bacon.  It was what she wanted and she at it all.  Mom writes, "The 'nice' thing about Alzheimer's is she doesn't seem to remember what she used to refuse to eat.  I LOVE IT."

Update:  I just realized that an explanation may be needed for our international readers.  In New Mexico, where Lyn lives, a common breakfast option is to have a large flour tortilla, a type of flat bread, wrapped around scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, cheese and a meat like bacon or sausage.  It is also common to have chopped up red or green hot chile peppers added in as well.  This glorious creation is the breakfast burrito and is readily available throughout the state.  

Lyn has never liked burritos of any variety.  You can give her the components spread out on a plate without the chile and she'd eat it.  Before yesterday, however, she'd never eat them combined.


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