1, 2, 3, Repeat

I recently mentioned that Lyn is struggling to count.  Mom confirms that this change is here to stay and getting worse.  Mom writes:

"When I washed her hair this morning she wanted the top twisted.  I take 6 rows and twist them and clip with little clips.  She brought out 8 clips.  I said to get 6 and put the rest back.  She struggled a couple of times then told me to "use what I wanted"  After I did the hair, she put the other 2 away.  

Then just before we left, I asked how much money she had just in case they went to Tingley and rode the little train.  She said "enough."  I asked her to count because I didn't want her to get down there and find herself short.  She pulled out a wad of bills.  I asked if she had a $5 bill.  She didn't.  So I said "Let's count to see how much you have."  She began four times to try to count and couldn't get past 3.  I could tell there were more than 10.  She began to be frustrated.  I said that I thought she had enough and distracted her with getting Nikka's toy.  When we left a few minutes later, it all was forgotten."

Lyn's numbers are falling away.    


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