Guessing Games

Mom, Lyn and I held our regularly scheduled Skype conversation on Sunday.  It didn't matter that Mom and Lyn were to see us the next day, keeping to the schedule was important.  Besides, it provided a good distraction for Lyn who was bouncing between belligerent and excited all day.

When we started the conversation, Lyn wanted me to guess where she had gone on Saturday.  Her clue to me was that it was "big and fast."  I dislike guessing games like this but recognize it for a conversation tactic and decided to play along.  I asked if she went on a boat, a semi-truck, an airplane, or in a racing car.  With each question I asked, she got more and more disgusted in her "No!"

The next clue was issued with "It goes North."  I asked if she went on water or in the air.  "No!" and "No!" When I asked if she was on land, I got my first "Yes."

I asked if it had wheels.  "Yes!"

I asked what sound it made.  Mom whispered to Lyn and she mimiced with "chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga."  "You went to a beer festival?!"  "No!" she nearly yelled at me.   At this point, I'm merrily laughing as Mom flips me off.  "You know I will pay for this later."  I nodded and asked "Did you go on a train?"  "Yes!"

"If you went on a train and it went North, how are you home already?"  She responded with "Because I went yesterday" as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

With that she changed the game from what she did to where she went.  "You said the train went North. Did you go to Canada?"
"No!  It starts with 'S'."
"Oh!  South Dakota!  Why didn't you tell me?"
"You went to Santa Fe on the train?"
"That sounds like a good day.  Did you have fun?"

The guessing game was over and she had let me figure out that she had taken the Rail Runner commuter train from Albuquerque to Santa Fe with her respite provider.

"You must think your sister's an idiot for having to guess so many times."
"Now, don't you say that!  It is not true."

Good to know.


  1. I did not know about the commuter train. By the way,
    A wedding of your other sister?
    My email address is
    Please let me know about this sister.


  2. My other sister is my dear friend who I have known since middle school. She calls Mom "Mom". She was in my wedding. She has been part of the family since shortly after we met. Even now, she still comes to visit Mom and Lyn.


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