Dancing and Driving

Last week, Lyn and the other day hab participants were in the facility's van returning from an outing when the driver turned on the radio to a station they all enjoy.  A song came on that they all knew and one after the other, they put their arms in the air and started dancing in their seats.  None of them had noticed the police officer driving behind them.  He noticed them, however.

Before the song was over, the officer turned on his lights and hit two quick bursts from his siren.  Upon seeing the lights and hearing the Whoop-Whoop of his siren, the driver quickly pulled over, rolled down the window and asked "What's the problem officer?" as the police exited his car and approached.    The driver continued "I wasn't speeding and didn't change lanes.  What did I do wrong?  Is there a burnt out tail light?"

The officer assured her that she didn't have any driving infractions.  However, he was quite agitated by all van's passengers flipping him off.

"Are you serious?  I am driving a van full of special needs clients who were dancing to a song and you think they're insulting you?!"  She said as she reached to turn the radio back up.

The officer backed down and told them to move along.  Unfortunately, Lyn and the others were rattled.  One was visibly upset.  They returned to day hab in subdued moods.

The officer didn't apologize for pulling them over.


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