Male Motivation

When my family and I arrived at Mom's, Lyn was still up and wide awake waiting with their lovely neighbor.  She hopped up and hugged my husband and children.  She barely looked at me.  She was happy we were all here, however.  As the week has progressed, the fact that Lyn is motivated by men has been made blatently clear on a daily basis.

When we had family portraits taken earlier in the week, she wanted to position herself next to my husband in pictures and she flirted with the gentleman behind the camera who was able to evoke some pretty smiles from her.  I had asked for a picture of my hand holding hers.  She asked for a picture of her hand holding my husband's.  (We said "No because it is time for a picture of just you.")

Prior to our arrival, she had told Mom her computer was no longer working and she needed my husband to fix it for her.  Mom took a look at the computer and said "It might be dead.  I have an old one in my closet you can have."  "No!  He will fix it for me.  On the second day of our visit, her subtle hints for technical assistance got him in her room evaluating her computer.  It is dead as Mom surmised.  When my husband stepped into the kitchen to inform Mom, she pointed out the computer in the closet.  He collected that and got her up and working on it in short order.  She was so excited to have a "new" computer with Solitaire.  She was about to burst when he told her he would install a bowling game as well.  Mom went into the room to thank him for bringing a computer with him in case she needed it.  You see, because he said the old one was dead, it was and because he set set up another, it was new.

Over the past several days, Mom and I have chatted about other examples of Lyn's male motivation and it reminded us very strongly of my maternal Grandmother.  Grandma was also motivated to show her best behavior when a man other than my Grandfather was around.  She would flirt and focus her attention on them to the exclusion of the women around her.  This personality trait did not diminish when her own Alzheimer's was in play.  It actually became more blatent as it is becoming with Lyn.  A clear example that Mom shared with me occurred a few months before her death.  Grandma's leg had broken as a result of her severe osteoporosis.  When Mom was called by the nursing home, she immediately went in and found Grandma was being tended to by multiple male EMTs.  She was flirting outrageously while ignoring every woman in the room.  Lyn's nearly at that point.

It is actually kind of funny.  


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