Just Say No

The Temperance lecture is not limited to humans as we found out.

Mom took Nikka to the vet's office for the annual visit.  She got a clean bill of health.  During the visit, the vet asked how Nikka was doing and learned of her terror of thunderstorms and fireworks.  New Mexico has been in a drought for years but this summer has been full of thunderstorms which leave the dog a quivering mess hours afterwards.  Wiping her down with dryer sheets only do so much.  Her terror has become so bad that the thunder shirt has been ruled out for her.  The vet provided Mom with a prescription for the dog.  Here's what Mom wrote earlier in the week:

"Well, today's storm has passed.  We almost had rain at both front and back of the house.  So unlike yesterday with rain, hail and wind.  (The day before, they had a little rain at the front of the house while the back remained dry.)  This year, for the first time in several, we are having a real monsoon.  Poor Nikka.  We have had lots of thunder and lightening.  It can last a minute or continue for over an hour.  As with most dogs, it frightens her.  Last year, she would settle down when the storm had passed.  Not this year.

As the storm approaches she becomes nervous, panting and pacing.  This will continue for hours after the storm has passed.  She doesn't just shiver she SHAKES.  If I attached a container with cream to her sides I bet I'd have butter after a while.  Last week when I took her for her annual check and shots the vet asked me how she was coping.  I laughed and said that one of us needed something.  He said so many dogs were having a more difficult time this year.  He offered a prescription of Xanax.  I thought it was so funny, a controlled substance for my pet.  I said it might work.  He figured out from her weight that I could give her 1-2.5 every 4-8 hrs as needed.  I put it in my purse and didn't take it to my pharmacy till Saturday.  BAD idea.  They had to have the vet's DEA number.  Remember, it's a controlled substance.   Naturally, we had a storm Saturday and Sunday nights and she "suffered" so I made sure I picked it up Monday afternoon.

When Monday's storm hit with a vengeance, I told your sister that I was going to try the meds.  I gave her 1 pill.  No effect for an hour and as the storm turned back and hit again I gave her a 2nd.  It took about 1/2 hr to kick in.  However, the storm blew out of our area.  Poor dog was now looped.  Your sister was MAD.  She went on for about 2 hours how I should "not give a dog drugs."  She didn't care if the vet prescribed them.  She would again tell me NOT to give them to her again, this as the dog struggled to get her back legs on the couch.  As Nikka laid next to Lyn and looked up with a sad face, I began to hear again how I didn't know that drugs were not good to use.  She would tell me I could get in trouble for giving drugs out.  I tried to explain it's ok when we get them from a doctor, use them according to directions and don't give or sell them to others.  It didn't matter!  "Drugs are bad."

OMG, you would think we lived in a area where drugs are a problem.  LOL, I told her she was right but it's not a problem for dogs.  Nikka was beyond chilled and happy.  Next time it'll be 1.5 pills.  About 8pm, we heard sirens and what was I told?  "See, the police are looking for people doing drugs."  Actually, it was Rescue and an Ambulance screaming by.  I knew it was best to just keep quiet.  

Never argue with the disease.  Should add Never laugh either."


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