Waiting is Difficult

Friday night, after Lyn returned from respite, she sat on the floor with Nikka.  She was trying to tell Mom something and couldn't get it out.  

Mom had called me earlier in the afternoon and Lyn, of course, wanted to speak with me.  Mom had told her that the call would be quick as I was probably starting dinner cooking.  She said "yeah, she's probably tired too."  Within 2 minutes of hanging up she was still sitting on the floor and burst into tears.  Again she didn't know why.  

Mom went over and hugged her.  "You want (your sister) to get here."  The tears really started.  

"I want her here now.  I miss her too much."  Mom agreed with her and told her how many days were left.  She knew but she wanted me there right at that minute.  

Poor girl.


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