Of Anticipation and Late Nights

Lyn's on edge today.  She's excited that we'll be arriving tonight and is assuredly going to keep herself up super late to see us when we arrive.  Mom's lovely neighbor will come over to stay with Lyn while Mom collects us from the airport.  

If you think she'd let us just grab a rental car or cab it over to her house, you don't know Mom.  This is the woman who once met me at the airport "with bells on" when I was in college.  Seriously, she was wearing an actual bell.  She rang it when she saw me.  I now use it as part of my Christmas decor.

So, what do I expect when we arrive?  Hugs and kisses at the airport.  A quick drive to Mom's.  Hugs to Lyn and the lovely neighbor.  Tears from Lyn.  I'm sure Lyn won't stay up very long after our arrival.  She'll be glad we're there but exhausted from the wait.  

That's OK.  It will be worth it.

As a side note, if there is intermittent blogging this week and early next, please forgive any missed days.  We'll be spending the time together and I'll be taking a much needed break from the keyboard.  I thank you in advance for your understanding.


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