Yesterday, when Lyn and Mom were on the way to day hab, Lyn spotted a big coyote trotting along in a field by the road.  He was bigger than Nikka.  Lyn says he was brown and gray.

This event caused Mom to remember a time when they were on the plane, ready to taxi down the runway to take off for a flight to Virginia to visit us.  The plane was delayed by two coyotes running down the length of the runway.  Airport personnel were trying to shoo them away but the coyotes knew the routine and had clearly played that game before.

I could hear Mom in the background prompting Lyn to tell me that the coyote was on the Air Force base's property.  When Lyn told me that, I asked if the coyote had permission to be on base property.  "Yes!  He did have permission!"  Apparently, the coyote has clearance.


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