Labor Day 2013

Lyn won't have day hab today because of the holiday.  The long weekends are hard on her.  As a result, Mom and Lyn are planning to go out with their lovely neighbor.  It doesn't matter if they just go to get groceries or have brunch out, any trip in the early part of the day will satisfy Lyn's need to wander.

I am giving myself permission to step away from the computer today on a professional and personal level.  I give you permission too.

In truth, as you read this, I'm probably standing at the stove cooking down and canning buckets of pears from a friend's tree.  There may even be a tub of vanilla ice cream in the freezer.  And maybe... just maybe... there will be too much spiced pear sauce to go into the jars and we'll have to eat it on a scoop of vanilla just like Mom used to do for us with her apple sauce.  None of us ever turned Mom down when she offered this fall treat.

May it be a quiet and restful day.


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