Pie Town

Mom has talked about visiting Pie Town, NM off and on for some time now, especially after reading Pie Town Woman by Joan Myers.  It is South of Albuquerque and further West of Socorro than even the VLA.  Pie Town has been in existence since the 1920's and earned its name from the cattlemen who stopped by the little store where pies were sold while driving cattle.  Annually, the town holds a pie festival as one of the primary ways to fund the town council and to honor that which lent its name to the place.  This year, Mom suggested to Lyn that they go.

Lyn is excited and has already told me twice that they will be going.  They are going to leave early in the morning so they can arrive as the festival begins.  Mom has committed to Lyn that they will stay long enough to enjoy the event but leave early enough that they'll be home before 4pm.  That will give them plenty of time to peruse the vendors and enjoy some pie.


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