Suggestions Smooth Sticky Situations

Last weekend, Lyn and Mom went shopping for a new bed for Lyn.  Her bed was old and the wheels on the metal frame had finally broken.  Yesterday morning, the new bed was delivered.

Lyn was very excited until the delivery men pulled the bed out of the truck and began to unpack the pieces.  She knew the bed she had picked out was off-white.  The one being unpacked was cherry.  She started to get upset.  "That's not the bed I bought!"  The delivery men stopped and looked between Mom and Lyn to figure out how the scene was going to play out.

Mom quickly intervened and started talking about how beautiful the new bed is and that cherry would work perfectly in Lyn's room.  She'd had enough advance warning of the delivery that she had already taken down Lyn's old bed.  It was broken to begin with so putting it back together was not really feasible.  So, to avoid a potential problem, Mom started talking about the positive points of the bed right in front of them.

Lyn wasn't 100% sure but started touching the wood and examining it.  Mom continued to talk about how pretty cherry wood is and that it was better than the white one they had originally selected.  The delivery men waited a few moments to see if the bed was accepted or if they would have to load it back on the truck.  When Lyn started parroting Mom's comments about how pretty it is, they relaxed and continued with the unpacking.

In short order, Lyn's new bed was in the house and set up.  Between that and the new oxygen condenser, she's very happy.


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