Pie Cancelled

Mom did end up changing their weekend plans.  Lyn was disappointed but relieved.  The change was not due to Lyn's best efforts.  It was a result of the weather.

New Mexico has been receiving more rain this week than it has in a year; nearly any year really.  Nationally, you may have heard about the flooding in Colorado.  That's an incomplete picture of what is happening out West as New Mexico has been receiving daily rain and is also flooding.  Along with the rain the state is receiving, a portion of Colorado's water is flowing south through New Mexico adding to the mix.

Friday night, the forecast for Pie Town and surrounds changed to include rain.  Mom checked on-line and saw that travel was not recommended.  She called the State Police and they advised to only travel out to Pie Town if it was an emergency.  That was more than enough for Mom to decide that they would stay home.  Albuquerque itself was under a flood watch and many of the arroyos were running full.  The Rio Grande did not burst its banks but did come close.

We don't know if Pie Town cancelled the festival.  However, weather conditions and assorted advisories surely kept visitors away.  Hopefully, next year, the festival will go off without a hitch and Mom and Lyn can attend.


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