Summer Bowling 2013

Summer is at a close and fall has arrived.  The nights are cool and the days are still warm.  While this summer was pretty busy for our two households, Lyn continued with bowling, only missing a week or two recently.

Her scores are still all over the map.  However, we have noticed that she has a two game a day limit now.  If she bowls as a day hab activity before she goes to her Thursday Special Olympics practice, her practice scores are down significantly.

Lyn's good days and bad days are pretty evident from the moment she gets up.  Even if she's not having a good day, she's still competitive and hates for anyone around her to get a better score.  She'll clap for them, but you can see her get mad.  Honestly, I am glad to see that the Alzheimer's is not yet dulling her competitive streak because it helps push her a bit.


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