PBR Love

Yesterday, Lyn was faced with a challenging choice.  Should she talk with me on Skype or should she watch the bulls on PBR?  I told her that if she wanted to watch the bulls, I would not be upset.  I know she loves watching them.

She pulled up a chair and positioned herself where she could do both.  She chatted with me between bulls being let out of their shoots into the arena.  When a bull was trying to throw a rider, she'd turn away from the computer and lean towards the television.  Finally, she couldn't stand it any longer.  She had to go back to watching the bulls full time.

As she stood up, I realized that she had deliberately selected her shirt for the day and I had to laugh.

She was very happy to stop long enough for me to get a screenshot of her shirt.  Some people have shirts for their favorite football or baseball teams.  Lyn has bull riding shirts and she wears them when she knows the PBR will be available for her to watch.

Lyn went into the next room and watched the bull riding as Mom and I continued talking.  We could hear her clapping and yelling at the riders.  I'm not sure if she's cheering for the bulls or the riders more. At one point, she called out "I love PBR!"  Mom and I started giggling.  My husband looked up from his reading and chuckled.  She did it again in a singsong voice.  "I love PBR!"

My husband asked if I was recording the moment.  I couldn't figure out fast enough how to record the Skype session and the moment passed as we laughed.


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