Balloons Everywhere

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta has started which means there are hundreds of balloons in the air each morning that conditions are favorable.  Conditions are favorable for ballooning most days during the fiesta.  Albuquerque has the highest concentration of hot air balloons in the world and there are several up nearly every morning through out the year.

Lyn has seen the balloons nearly her whole life.  She was between 2 and 3 years old when our parents returned to New Mexico after several years away due to military duty stations.  Other than the October of 1990 when we lived in Montana, Lyn has spent the rest of her life in Albuquerque.  You would think that seeing hot air balloons would be passé after seeing so many in your life.  You would be wrong.

The balloons are a daily part of Lyn's routine.  She checks for them each morning once she is up and moving.  She will ask Mom if any were up if she sleeps late and she misses them.  When it is fiesta, she gets very excited over it.  Mom writes:

      The balloon fiesta's in full gear and about 520 hot air balloons got up. Didn't matter which way
      you looked you saw balloons. Think of brightly colored Christmas ornaments dancing in the sky.
      I was afraid she would get a whiplash trying to see them all.

      There were quite a few flying in our part of town. She kept turning, trying to see them all and got
      so excited she could hardly speak. Of course, each one was her favorite. It was wonderful. Seen
      thru the eyes of "a child" makes it more fun! She kept turning, pointing and just laughing.

      By the time we got to day-hab she'd calmed down.
      "Boy, wait till I tell everyone that I'm lucky and saw all the balloons."

To give you a sense of what Lyn was so excited over, here is a video a friend of mine took during yesterday's launch of the Darth Vader balloon.  He was a guest in the gondola.  The video lets you see just a small portion of the launch field and the growing number of balloons in the air spreading out over the city.  You might also spot Boba Fett and a Trooper in the crowd.

Lyn loves the shapes and colors of all the balloons.  It never gets old for her.  Honestly, it never gets old for us, either.


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