Feeding the Geese

Lyn enjoys feeding the ducks and geese at a local park.  They're very well fed and used to park visitors.  It has been the local spot for them for decades.

Lyn's familiar with the fact that the birds will come running to see if you have food for them as soon as you get out of the vehicle.  It doesn't worry her even though she can barely get in front of the car before she's confronted by the stretching neck of a demanding bird.

She is ready with food in hand.

On Saturday, when she, Mom and their neighbor paid a visit to the park, Lyn fed the geese and ducks for just a couple of minutes.  She and Mom had only doled out about half of the food when Lyn suddenly lost interest.  Instead of passing it to Mom, Lyn just took the remaining food and tossed it to one side for the ducks and geese to squabble over.  She was done even if they weren't.

She was happy though and the rest of the day went well.


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