Out Past Curfew

I called Mom's to check on them tonight and there was no answer.  The phone went to voicemail.

This is a little out of the norm, but not too unusual.  It is Thursday which means that Mom may have had to fill in for the respite provider and take Lyn bowling.  This in turn means that Lyn probably convinced Mom that they had to go out to dinner afterwards.  Somewhere in the back of my memory, I think I remember Mom saying their respite provider was not available tonight.

When nights like this happen, I leave a message that I'm checking up on them while they're galavanting about town.  I could call her cell, but I don't like to disturb them while they're out.  When Mom calls me back, she'll laughingly accuse me of keeping tabs on her.  Mom doesn't need to account for her time to me.  She may have to account for Lyn's time as well as her own to the State, but not me.  Lyn does that for me since she will now tell you anything she remembers.  (No skeletons closeted here.)

Our conversations are about routine things like what happened to them today or what is going on with my children.  They provide a lifeline and a sense of normalcy when each day is an adjustment to a new normal.


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