Daily Journal

One of the tools Lyn's speech therapist is using with Lyn is a daily Journal.  Lyn's task each day is to write down what she did.  She does not have to write a sentence; much less a paragraph.  She is just to write down the name of the place or activity.  Today, for example, she would write "day hab."  It may come out as "DAHYB."

Each page has a set of pictograms to represent her different activities.  Each image is followed by the title.  She has been struggling to look at the bottom of the page, identify the word she wants and copy it to the line where she needs to log her activity.  This task was devised for her in recognition of her nearly lifelong practice of copying words that she wanted to write.  Mom or a teacher could write down a special greeting that Lyn dictated for her to copy when she made a birthday or get well card. Today, she struggles to even identify the letters or keep her place in the word.  She struggles to remember what she did from one day to the next more often.

Her therapist thinks it may be time to break this activity down more and make it easier on Lyn.  As a result, she may be switching to a board with pictures on Velcro.  It may be easier for her to select the picture without the added confusion of writing the words.  The goal is to try to engage her at a level she finds challenging but not so frustrating that she gives up. 


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