Passing Out Candy is Serious Business

When Lyn got too old to go trick-or-treating, she turned to handing out candy when neighborhood kids came to the door on Halloween.  Lyn loves the social nature of Halloween.  You get to visit people and they give you candy; what's not to like?

She hands out candy to this day.  She takes the responsibility very seriously and used to correct me when she thought I was doing it wrong.  We differ in our approaches, you see.  She'll pick out a couple of pieces for each person, making sure they don't get two of the same thing while guaranteeing that they only receive 3 pieces.  I reach into the bowl and grab a handful to just drop in the waiting child's bag.  Lyn's been known to remind children to use their manners and say "Thank you."  (That one gets me giggling every time.)  I am fairly quick with my "There you go. NEXT!" approach.

She will continue to greet kids at the door each Halloween for as long as she's able.  I suspect that one day, I'll become that neighbor who takes the self-service approach.  I'll leave a bowl on the step with a note.  Mine won't say "Please take one."  It will say "Just leave the bowl behind."  Lyn would tell me of the importance of greeting each trick-or-treater if she knew I contemplated this approach.

Let's not tell her.


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