Interviewing a New Respite Provider

Yesterday, Mom and Lyn had a meet and greet with a potential new respite provider.  The first impression of the individual was very favorable.

The individual is experienced and has worked with special needs individuals before.  It seems to be a family affair as the person's spouse also works in the same vocation.  During the interview, the individual had a number of activity suggestions and commented that activities are often identified by what is free or low-cost publicly advertised events such as pumpkin patches, free museum or zoo days or trips to the park.

The person took notes and discussed what supports Lyn needs as a result of her dementia.  The need for a stabilizing hand due to loss of depth perception and stability, the need to review menus with Lyn, the need to learn her patterns for expressing herself, asking for help or her likelihood of crying.  While the respite provider has not worked with a client who has dementia before, there was an openness to being responsive and redirective towards Lyn.

Both Lyn and Mom were happy with how the interview went.  The new respite provider starts tomorrow.


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