Good Bye Governor

Lyn's internal governor is failing.  She spends her day working very hard to stay in the moment.  It is exhausting and by 3pm she's worn out.  She's not able to control her reactions, attitude, paranoia or fears when she's tired.  She's a crabby, angry, anxious woman when she's tired.  Even I can hear The Tone in her voice when I call in the evenings to check on them.

She's been starting to obsess about the concept of safety.  Is it safe to go to someplace with the folks from day hab?  Is it safe to go out after day hab?  Is Mom sure it is safe?  Mom's repeated answers are not assuring her and the subject gets revisited multiple times.

Mom has also noticed that her confusion increases a lot when she's tired.  She doesn't understand even single-step instructions.  Last night, she was asked to match some socks and could not despite each pair of socks being different from the others.

Evenings are tense with her short temper.  Fortunately, she frequently goes to bed by 7pm.


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