One of Mom's neighbor's has added a dog to their family.  The dog is a lovely red Pit Bull who looks like he could be related to Nikka.  He's a very calm dog who seems pretty non-reactive to anything or anyone.  He's big though and could easily put his front paws on the top of the wall dividing their yards.

Before Nikka was added to the family, she was fostered in a home with other dogs.  However, when she settled in with Mom and Lyn she decided she no longer wanted to be around any other dogs.  Nikka was not happy to discover the new neighbor and Mom had to intervene to keep her from climbing the wall to get to him.  For the past couple of weeks, Mom was having to go out with Nikka because she couldn't be left outside unsupervised.  Nikka wouldn't agree to doing her business when on the leash.  She never has.

Mom decided that the best option was to raise the height of the wall to the point where Nikka cannot jump to get her paws on top or pull herself over.  She spoke to the neighbor and explained the issue.  The neighbor was very open and agreeable to having the wall modified.  Last week, the work was done.

The day was a cold and blustery one.  Lyn was still fighting her cold.  (She's better now.)  It was very upsetting to Lyn that there were men in the yard working and it was too cold for her to be out there with them.  The men weren't the problem.  The illness and weather conspiring to keep her in was the problem.

Once again, Mom was able to find a solution to the issue of supervision.  Lyn stood in Mom's bathtub to watch the men work.

Fortunately, the work only took two hours and both problems have been solved.


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