When you're feeling sick, a nap is a great thing.  Lyn had announced to Mom that she didn't need a nap and it was her decision.  Mom softly agreed.

The day had started off well.  Lyn had woken feeling a bit better.  She felt active and ate well at lunch.  She was in a good mood and didn't argue over anything.

Spring is starting in New Mexico and Mom was able to convince Lyn to sit out in the warm sun for a bit after lunch.  She relaxed into the warmth and soon was fading.  When Mom suggested a nap, Lyn readily agreed.

She changed into her pajamas and napped for two solid hours.  She had to keep her door closed or Nikka was going to crawl up in the bed with her.  By 4:30, Lyn was done with dinner and by 6 she was done for the night.

She has decided she needs to stay home another day.  Mom has sent an email to notify the staff.  Hopefully, another day of napping will help her mend.


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