Yesterday, Mom and Lyn took two of our young cousins to one of the museums in town.  Museums are not Lyn's favorite choice for an outing.  She agreed to it because she enjoys spending time with the cousins and just going out.  She also agreed because she got to pick their lunch location after the museum trip.  She chose Wendys to no one's surprise.  While Mom and the cousins were viewing the displays at the museum, Lyn would follow along, often sitting on a bench out of the way when she was able.  It was a calm morning.

Afterwards, they returned to Mom's.  The cousins had been invited to stay for dinner and they readily accepted.  This allowed me to see them because we still were able to Skype.  My cousins are very accepting of Lyn and understand that routines are very important to her.  They said a quick "Hello" to me but occupied themselves by playing with Nikka while Mom, Lyn and I spoke.

As we spoke and they played, Lyn became jealous of their interactions with Nikka.  Nikka was so excited to have extra hands petting her that she ignored Lyn when Lyn would call her over.  Lyn would hardly look at the camera or engage in the conversation because she was watching Nikka intently.

She knew she shouldn't ask the cousins to stop petting Nikka.  They were doing nothing wrong.  She wasn't upset at the cousins.    She just did't like the fact that Nikka was clearly enjoying their attention.  She is so used to having Nikka's attention all to herself that she gets jealous if Nikka gives attention to others.


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