Travel Choices

For years, Mom has wanted to take Lyn to Disney World.  There's always been one reason or another which has postponed the effort.  The challenges of traveling with Lyn being one of the reasons.

Traveling with Lyn poses challenges, it is true.  However, Lyn's wanted to go for a long time and her time is increasingly short.  Mom thought about it and decided "Why not?"  Why not take Lyn and enjoy Disney while she still can?  Why not throw structure to the wind for a few days and just do it?  Lyn knows nothing of Mom's thoughts.

Twice this week, the topic of travel has come up and Lyn has initiated it.  They drive past the airport frequently and drove by just as a plane was taking off.  Lyn asked where the plane was going.  Mom stated that she didn't know.  Lyn proposed that the plane and its passengers were going to Disney.  Lyn stated she wants to go to Disney.  Between then, they decided that Lyn didn't have the cash sitting around for a trip anytime soon.

Lyn doesn't know that the tickets have already been purchased.


  1. Wow! I hope she has a great time despite the disruption in her routine.


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