What Would Dolly Do

By now, you have probably realized that my brain sometimes makes absurd connections that make me, and hopefully you, laugh.  Well, here's another one.

Lyn was watching TV and saw a commercial for Soma bras this week.  The commercial prompted her to announce that she needs new bras and that she really does prefer the Soma brand.  (She's never worn a Soma.)  She also stated that she needs a DD cup now.  (She's not much more than a B cup, C if she's pushing it.)

Mom shared this with me and I howled.  What would Lyn do with a DD?  Well, that thought reminded me of a song by Kristin Chenoweth called "What Would Dolly Do?"  I'm not much for Country, but this song made me laugh the first time I heard it and it jumped to mind when I learned of Lyn's newly declared bra size.

Happy Friday!


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