PBR 2014

I had spent part of the day working in my garden and missed the call from Mom and Lyn.  When I tried to call them back, I had missed them.  They were off to keep a date with the annual PBR show there in town.

My sister loves the cowboys and the bulls of the PBR and watches it on TV whenever she can.  For several years now, Mom has made sure that Lyn was able to attend the live performance.  

Lyn was happy because she got to see Bushwacker in his final tour.  In telling me about the day, Lyn was as focused on telling me about the police, EMT and fire department presence as she was about the bulls.  She was very proud that she unzipped her purse at the security check point and the officer didn't find anything problematic.  

Apparently, one of the bulls went after one of the horses after he bucked off the rider.  The bull fighters got some of the action as well.  She also told me about a bull that tried to climb out of the shoot before the bull rider even was mounted.

She thought about buying a tour program but was unwilling to spend $15 on one.  She thought about buying a t-shirt but didn't want to spend $30 on it.  So, Mom's going to check the PBR store on-line to see if prices are a little better.  

A young bull rider named Guytin Tsosie was introduced to the crowd.  He's a Native American who has never been very far from home and he was overwhelmed with being the center of attention.  He is so good that he had been invited to attend all three days of the invitational and ride all three events.  The PBR officials have invited the young man to continue riding through the rest of the season.  When it was announced, the crowd shook the building with their cheers.  We wish him well.

Lyn was happy despite the chaos of the venue.  


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