Changing Clothes

Rare was the day when we were growing up that you could convince Lyn it was a Pajama Day.  Those days in which we reveled in laying about in our pjs, doing nothing, were not for her.  She wanted to be up and dressed to meet whatever presented itself.  Even if nothing was planned, she was prepared

I've noticed over the past couple of months that unless Lyn has somewhere to go on the agenda for the day, she's not going to change her clothes.  Sundays are typically spent at home now.  Lyn really needs a day to rest and recover from a week of day hab and an activity on Saturday.  As a result, Sundays are now designated as Pajama Days by her.

She has no interest in changing her clothes now and will only do so willingly if she knows she's going out.  This too will change and there will come a time when she'll resist changing clothes at all. 

For now, one Pajama Day a week is workable and helps her stay happy.


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